Thursday, October 29, 2009

Test awaits

On Tuesday had another driving lesson. Overall was very good, slowed down in time for junctions and islands, good clutch control, drove at the right speed, etc. Had one mishap on my favourite hill again. On the hill top there's a junction with traffic lights. If you aren't the first two cars you're on the slope. Over the past 28 weeks I have stalled on there a number of times but not for a while. However on approach to the junction I had a young lady decide to follow me right up my arse! Must have thought it to be fun as she was obviously a qualified driver now. She couldn't have been older than 19. Anyway when I stopped she did about a foot away from me. Now lately this hasn't bothered me as I've been pulling away lovely but this time I went to pot. For some reason I panicked and burnt the clutch out and stalled, then to make matters worse she overtook me and I stalled again and missed the bleeding lights! This played on my mind for the remainder of my lesson, which was only 10 mins, and I had a couple of little errors on route home. Something I need to work on again. I was told to move on and forget once I do something like that but I have a tendancy to dwell on things longer than I need to.

Putting that aside I bite the bullet tonight and have booked my test for the 1st of December. I've worked out that i can get a further 8 lessons before then. I've got a few extra jobs coming up and have been working more hours at work the past fortnight, which is not worth it if I keep getting paid less hours than I work! All this means I can afford a bit extra towards this and my bills and my new car fund, at the moment stands at £0, just means I have to work a few more nights. Trying not to do weekends as it means not seeing my son but I do need to work them. Hopefully I'll be able to do it all in the week but depends on where I'm sent with work, oh well if I pas my test it will be worth the extra hours put in. Still on course for being able to drive my son on Christmas Day, if that happens then this year will have a happy end which for the majority of it has been one of the worst in my life.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Driving and Baggies

Its been a while since my last lesson but tonight had another. Still no manouvres practiced but it was quite busy on the roads tonight so kind of glad I didn't do any! I'm still making mistakes and that is to be expected, the main one tonight was slowing down early enough. Even though I should know I seem to have a fear of slowing down too much too early and then having to speed up again, so I end up doing the opposite. A few idiots were out and about tonight. Had one car pull out on me while I was coming down the hill at a set of lights so I had to put the brakes on quickly. Didn't expect it as the lights were on green and there wasn't that much of a big space between me and the car in front. In fact it was another learner that pulled out! Plus he stalled the car doing so! Fair enough he must believe he's at the stage where he can take the chance but I'd rather he did it in front of someone else.
Still looking too much to the right when I approach islands as well. I did get better as the lesson progressed however and I had great control over the clutch. Only a couple of times was I told what gear to be in so at least I'm doing that right and for the first times in weeks I didn't stall the car! that itself is a major triumph. Booked another for Tuesday night so not as long to wait. Hopefully book test very soon.

Since I last wrote the Albion have played two home games. Won one, lost one. Saturday against Reading was very much a game of two halves. First half we were shocking, they controlled the game and it took a error for us to get back into the game. Once we did we dominated and could have had more than the 3 goals we scored. Tuesday against Swansea we never got going. Had a fair bit of possession but didn't do anything with it. Obviously Beattie was going to score against us! Thought some of the managers choices were odd, such as allowing 17 yr old Chris Wood play upfront alone for 25 minutes in the second half. He hasn't played that many games for us, scored only once, and to be honest is still very raw. Tuesday his first touch let him down. I don't want to be hard on the lad as he has a great future ahead of him but he needs to be nurtured. We had a player in Simon Cox, who scored 30 goals last year, on the bench who can't get a look in. When he eventually came on he almost scored with his first touch. If he had played a few more games he'd have tucked it away whereas you can see he's short on confidence. Some fans are saying he's not cut out for this level, I think that is very harsh. He needs to have a run of games to be properly judged. No good coming on for 10 minutes here and there then going 3 games without a sniff of action. Di Matteo should use him more because Luke Moore isn't scoring, Bednar is injured as is Miller, Rueben Reid is one of the worst players to pull on the shirt and Wood is learning. We can't rely on the midfield getting al our goals cause we will quickly slip down the table if we do.

Southgate getting the sack didn't come as any surprise to me, thought he'd have gone much earlier as he had lost the fans. Once they go you're on to a loser which is why Rafa Benitez should be worried. I look at that Liverpool squad and its very weak. True they have some great players but the back up is shocking. Too many second rate foreigners. In my opinion, (which is probably not worth much!!), I'd bleed the youngsters in. someone with some spirit who will play with no fear. They have to do better than what the current lot are doing. If it wasn't for the fact that the club is in debt and he signed a big contract last season I would have expected him to get the sack Monday if they lose to Man Utd.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New lesson

Had another lesson tonight and it went very well. Feel like I've got clutch control now. The thing I still struggle with is hills.Either I slow down too early or panic about pulling off and over rev the car! Practice does make perfect however and a lot of things are coming naturally now. Still haven't worked on manouveres yet and to be honest that worries me. I need to book my test soon but I want to be able to do everything without worry before I do. I thought tonight we'd be doing some as he asked me if we'd worked on any. Funny that as he's been teaching me now for over 25 lessons so surely he'd know!

We drove around the priory tonight for a bit and normally that is where most learners go to these, but we just drove around the estate a couple of times like we did on my first few lessons. Granted this time I didn't stall and panic when cars come round the blind corners but it would be nice to do something different. We went round islands, no problems there except I perhaps slowed down too early or not early enough to get in the right gear. Went down national speed limit roads which was good driving faster and did right turns which is easy now. Thats probably my main gripe, I know I can do all this now and do it well. My overall perception of the flow of traffic, slowing down, pulling off, changing gear when needed to is good. He doesn't tell me what gear to be in or anything anymore so the thing holding me back is manouveres. Plus I haven't got another lesson till a week thursday so thats 9 days I have to wait again.

I don't want to change instructors as I do get on well with him but I need to pass my test. I have a lot of thinking to do over the next week about where I go from here. The only plus I can see is that I save £20 this week not having a lesson but in the long run I can't afford it anyway so the longer I go without taking my test, the more chance there is that I won't have the money to pay for any more. Don't want to get this far and have to stop, something has to give soon.

Also playing on my mind tonight is work! Got some wallpapering to do tomorrow. Now I love wallpapering and I can do it well. the trouble is I don't do it enough. Not my choice, my bosses choice. I'm fully qualified and better than some others I work with but in the 10 years I've been here I can count on my two hands the amount of times he's let me do it. And when I do, he loves to pick faults in my work. Not much in the way of confidence building!! So when I do some I panic that I'm doing it right. He only does it so he hasn't got to pay me the rate others get. The sooner this test is passed the better! T.L.M.S

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Factor life

Just watched the x factor results show, and watched it last night as well, and I can honestly say that not one of them have the x factor like Robbie Williams. That man oozes showmanship. If that is what stage fright does to you then everyone on that show needs it. True he might not have the best voice in the world but he is a natural performer. He had the crowd eating out of his hand and he looked like he really enjoyed himself out there. The rest of them, well that opening song they all sang was a joke. Horrible in fact. I pressed mute after 15 seconds cause not one person was in tune! That said I'm sure I'll watch every week otherwise I'll be the only one on site who will be quiet every break!

Managed to watch the England game online and for free as well, wasn't too depressed with our overall performance, thought we had a few chances, second half was the better side. It was the 10- 15 mins after the sending off which affected the game. As Sven said at half time if you give a penalty only book the player. The punishment of a penalty is enough. True if the penalty is missed you might have cause for complaint but I agree with Sven. I remember in 93 when Koeman fouled Platt in Holland. He should have been sent off for that foul but only got booked. We didn't get a penalty only a free kick then minutes later the aforemention player scored from a free kick at the other end and we got knocked out. But that is football and that is why we love it. It wouldn't be the same without talking points. In 2002 when West Brom got promoted we had a perfect goal dissallowed in the game against Rotherham as the ref said it hadn't have crossed the line. Now if it had been given we would've been promoted earlier but I wouldn't have experienced one of the best away games I went to at Bradford when Igor Balis scored from a penatly in injury time, which meant if we beat Palace at home we would be up. Things like this make football and the feelings we as fans have. We take the pain and embrace the glory, and I know being a West Brom fan!

One more thing before I go, a dear friend of mine lost someone close to him tonight and my thoughts are with him.
The Lord is My Shepherd, I'll shall not want, he leads me down to lie, in pastures green, he leadeth me, the quiet waters by

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Down time

Just got my broadband back up and running, wasn't the providers fault, just the nations friend Royal Mail. I had my new router delivered but as I wasn't in it wasn't left. Now as usual they leave a card to tell you how to collect your parcel, what they don't do is have a collections office open at times to suit the customer! The one by me opens after I start work and is closed way before I finish. No problem, they can redeliver. Errr no, not if you can't get online! The phone service was useless. Three times I tried to get in touch and the first two the phones were down and the third it wouldn't connect if the time was after the one on the card! Cut my losses on that and went up this morning to fetch it. A nice outing for my son who was desparate to see Postman Pat, I warned him he wouold probably be on strike!!

I've had a week of constant travel with work, 3 different jobs and yesterday took over 3 hours to get home. I do get sick of travelling to jobs miles away and getting a pittance in travel costs. Would much rather work away. However some good news for me is that I'm trying to get my bank charges back. Had the statement come through and it's a nice amount to claim for. Would've had the letter sent back by now but as I scanned the list the ink in my printer ran out! Typical really but no fear shall sort it out over the weekend. Anyway time to play with my son when he finishes watching spongebob! Hopefully find some way of watching the game later without paying for it, lets see if one of my mates was silly enough to do so!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Away forward

Had a lesson last night and overall was good. At times felt more confident about my ability to drive and could see progression, but at other times did some silly things which made me think again. Now last night I was close to just giving up but after a good nights sleep (actually thats a lie cause I haven't slept well in months!) woke up and could see all the positives. So much of what I did yesterday was good and the frustrating thing now is that I know exactly what I'm doing wrong so it's a case of sorting my head out to put them right. Also need to try and be less hesitant when it comes to junctions and islands. Once these are conquered my license will be mine!!!
Today was a good day at work, not money wise as the tight fisted one still pays my wages but for what I was doing. The day flew by and I felt I did something productive. Worked hard for my money and enjoyed it. I only wish I was paid what I'm worth. That day will come soon.
As for paying to watch England play on the net they can get stuffed. I already pay for sky and espn and my license fee so there is no way I will pay £5 to watch online. For god's sake this is our national team! In my eyes the national team should always be on free to air channels, not who bids the highest. Plus the pubs around this fine nation will miss out on punters would normally go to their local to watch the game as they have been told they can't show it. I'm interested to see how many go to the cinema to watch the game, considering we've already qualified. That leads me to another thing, if our qualification depended on this game, would one of the other networks found the extra capital to pay for it or would they have allowed it to go the way it has? To me the football fan is been fleeced once more and I await the day when it crashes down around the companies and big clubs cause fans have had enough.
One quickie, watched a wonderful comedy last night on the Big British Castle (Adam and Joe, I doff my cap!) 2 at 10 called Home Time. I've watched from the first episode and loved it. Maybe it's because its based around characters the same age as me or that the music reminds me of then or that it's set in the midlands (well Coventry but close enough!) that i like it but its really good and I suggest that you give it a look, it's on next Thursday at 10pm.

Oh and I know Coventry is in the West Midlands but to us black country folk it ain't really!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stressful week

All in all a stressful week this week, lost two days money (one due to someone else), the albion lost to Barnsley and everything else seems to have got on top of me! Sometimes in life you think that you are owed a break, that some things have to start going right for you, at the moment that doesn't seem to be the case for me. I shouldn't allow it to get on top of me but that is much easier said than done. Its started to affect my everyday life. I'm more angry and depressed at the same time, I get less sleep due to everything been on my mind and I'm more or less stuck indoors all day. Its a vicious circle. The sad thing is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it's getting further away from me each week!
Another driving lesson tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to it. Seems like ages since my last one. The longer between lessons I go the more I think about driving. You know that light? Driving is it. I'm so close but with money the way it is its getting further away. It makes you want to scream!!
The football the past week hasn't given me any more joy. True yesterday we got a point at Preston and really we should have got all three points but after Tuesday's performance it was good to stop the rot we've got in. The worry now is goals and where they are coming from. I really do think we need to start playing Cox and Tex, not sure why they haven't been given more of a chance. Glad martis was dropped yesterday as he has started to become a liability, hopefully he will take stock and come back stronger. International break now for two weeks so no Albion fix next week, it's like pre season again!
Anyway time to join the rest of the country and waste a hour of my life and watch X factor. Might as well see who everyone will be talking about on site tomorrow, so far I haven't got a clue who anyone is so it's fair game for me! Just wish they would stop bleeding crying!!!!