Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where to go

It's been a couple of weeks since I failed and as of yet haven't taken anymore lessons. My instructor hasn't called me either so not sure where I stand there. I do intend to take lessons again as the money I've spent and the benefit of driving outweigh not carrying on. However I'm not how to go about it now. Start afresh or carry on with the same bloke? One thing I have noticed is the weight lifted off my shoulders after failing. Less stressful now. New year new start, pass my test and start my degree.
Watching the Albion lately hasn't given me much joy, a defeat and a draw from the last two home games isn't much to shout about. I'm hoping the boxing day game is better as it will be my nephew's first game, plus hopefully I'll be in the Christmas spirit by then. Not feeling much like it this year with all thats gone on. But new year new start like I said. T.L.M.S

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Failed Badly!!

Ok so still got my provisional. Couldn't have done any worse really, got 2 serious and, ahem, 20 minors. Now I do dispute some of those minors and the one serious was nit picking. The other one I really hate the choice of road it happened in. Put it bluntly my two serious was for my reversing manouvres. One round corner, the other turn in the road. The turn in the road was on a road which led to a school, and as my test was at 8.20 this morning it was bound to be busy. True I didn't perform it well as it took 5 turns instead of three but I didn't hit the kerb. Reverse round corner was fine apart from I didn't check over my shoulder enough. Those alone would be a fail added to the over the top minors!! I can say hand on heart some, at least 10 were not minors. However they were marked down and the end result is fail. Not too downhearted now I've had a few hours to mull it over. A lot I can put right quickly and the nerves I suffered with today won't affect me again as I know what to expect. So I am booking up again quickly and will pass. This time it won't be a early start, I want at least a couple of hours to be awake and I want a full lesson beforehand. I will overcome!! T.L.M.S