Monday, November 30, 2009

The Night Before

I've just had my final lesson before my test in the morning. I'm feeling much more confident than I was two hours ago. I did a couple of things wrong like going too fast for a corner and a couple of times stayed in second gear instead of first, plus on my emergency stop didn't check all around when pulling off. I must remember to do all these in morning. However I feel like I can do it now. Reverse round corner, i know where I was going wrong, turn in the road, use footbrake more than clutch. Reverse parking, perfect everytime. It's all there now just need to believe in myself that I can do it. Hopefully this time tomorrow night I will have a driving license. The main worry I have now is that we are having a heavy frost tonight so the roads could be icy, if they are too bad then my test will be cancelled. I really hope it's not, even if I fail at least I've tried, would hate all this worry over the last few weeks to be for nothing if they say not today too icy. So I will get a early night, get up at 6 and have a good breakfast ready for half hour driving before test and hopefully all nerves will go and the test will go ahead. T.L.M.S

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nerves Kicking in

Two days to go and the nerves are kicking in. I'm hoping by the time I take my lesson tomorrow night they'll have gone. The thing that is annoying me is that I've a lot of stress at the moment. Can't afford the mortgage this month, pressure from work and the ex is threatening to stop me from having my son as much as I do, because he has played up all weekend and has told her things that haven't happened. Feels like I'm a unfit father now which couldn't be further from the truth. All this is putting un-needed pressure on my test that I had banished. I've a huge urge to scream out as loud as I can!
Only just had a look at the show me tell me questions for the test. No idea about half of them so probably just chance it and hope I get the ones I do know. T.L.M.S

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The final countdown...

So only five days to go till test day and I am really looking forward to it. On Tuesday I had another lesson and it went really well. Practiced reverse round corner a lot. I couldn't get the hang of it though and this carried on for at least four attempts. My instructor then noticed where I was going wrong. Instead of allowing the car to straighten I turn the wheel too much and end up going round in a 's' shape. Once I corrected this I nailed it! Was so relieved! Moved on to practice the reverse park and did that fine. As for general driving did everything right apart from when I should have been in third not fourth and I did go through lights on amber. But my hill starts are perfect now and with two lessons left before Tuesday I feel really confident.

I really hope I pass now as work is crazy. Today was the fourth job of the week I've been on and three of those I've had to get back on the bus. That is really annoying as I have so much gear to carry. But the positive of that is that my boss obviously trusts me enough to run my own jobs and hopefully when I pass will have a works van and, fingers crossed, more money! I'm trying not to get carried away with passing but it's constantly on my mind. I'm not sleeping thinking about all the possibilites it entails. Even though I am very busy with work the money situation is getting worse and my spending has more or less stopped. Still can't afford bills which again is where driving comes in! Everything is linked to it and as much as I try I cannot stop putting pressure on myself to pass, even though I'm excited. A calming weekend is required with my son and tonight a few cans of beer and a hot bath to relax should sort it!! T.L.M.S

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top again

Got a soaking going to, and back from, the match today but it was worth it. 4-1 and it could have been more. We looked very good attacking today and made a good Bristol side look average. They did score a cracking goal but given they had had about 4 free kicks in the same area beforehand they had enough practice! For the last 3 games we have kept the same side and Simon Cox is looking more lethal in front of goal, plus we have two big players returning in the new year so things are looking rosey in the Albion garden.
I had another driving lesson this week and it went superb. Compared to last week it was like two different people drove. I even pulled away on hills perfectly and nailed TIR first time. The one problem I have is reverse round corner and only have 2, maybe 3 lessons before my test. Was going to have one next Saturday but can't now because of work. Hopefully will get it perfected enough to pass. Its really playing on my mind now all this driving business. I really want to pass and can't think about anything else! Even though I have no money for a car I still want to pass could even get a works van out my boss if I do. Only 10 days to go, I expect the nerves will kick in over the week, luckily I've a early time booked so it shouldn't affect me too much. Pass or fail I will not give up. T.L.M.S

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gone to pot

I have probably had the worst lesson in about 4 months. Everything i did tonight went wrong. Mounted the kerb twice, kept forgetting to check my mirrors, going too fast for corners, almost pulled out on a van on a island, wrong side of the road etc etc. Since I booked my test my driving has gone downhill. Obviously I'm thinking of my test. I'm not nervous about taking it just it's playing on my mind. Tried reversing round the corner, couldn't get that right at all, kerb one time, second time too far away. Selected the wrong gear on more than occasion. Kept going down the road too fast in tight areas. It's really pissed me off cause there was things tonight i did right. My gear changes were very smooth but my overall awareness tonight was shocking. I need to snap out of this cause last week wasn't very good but it was a hell of a lot better than tonight! Probably put this down to a one off. I'm giving myself two more lessons and if I haven't got out of this I'm gonna cancel my test for a few weeks. I know I'm almost there and having lessons like this feels like I'm gone backwards. Even my instructor said so, but he also said everyone has bad lessons, and it always happens before their tests. Lets hope so. T.L.M.S

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turning Back

Last night I had another lesson. This time is all about reversing. And to be fair I nailed it! Turn in the road took a few attempts but will have it perfect come test time. Did reverse parking as well and first time it was perfect. The trouble,and with my lessons there is always trouble, was that I seemed to forget the basics! Start off I didn't check or arrange my mirrors before pulling off, I kept going too fast for corners, my gear changes were all over the shop etc. I need to sort this out next week. I think it was because I'm excited about my test I believed I was already passed. Won't be making that mistake again.
Been working hard lately, more work coming in. Trouble I haven't got the time to do them. I'm struggling with the one I am doing now. Need to get it done sharpish so I can start the other one but I don't want to work weekends as I miss out on spending time with my son. This is a important month for me work wise and the extra money will hopefully help me pass my test and able me to earn more money to provide for my son, and to also clear my debts. I'm trying hard to juggle both but I don't want to tire myself out too much which is where I'm heading. T.L.M.S