Monday, March 21, 2011

Past the post Part 3

And on to my next test. 9th March. Booked a early time as I had to go to work after wards and also so I didn't suffer from nerves as much! This time it was a sunny morning as I started my lesson. My instructor had recently had a new car and I had only one hour in driving the car beforehand. However I felt very confident in it and every control responded with the slightest touch. I practised all three manouvres and did them with no trouble so we made our way over to the test centre. Good job we did as there was bad traffic all the way and we made it with a few minutes to spare. This time when my name was called out I was also introduced to an assessor who would be joining me on my test.

Passed the eyesight test and the show me tell me and was given my first independant driving. I thought I had did it fine until we pulled over and was reminded I'd forgot to turn right! Did another two of these and then drove round for about 20 mins. I had to do a turn in the road for my reversing part, slightly nervous as it was this that I failed my first test on but did it fine. Time to drive back to the centre and even though I hadn't felt like I had drove bad, part of me expected a fail. Called my instructor to the car for my result and was told that I had passed with 3 minors! I almost felt like crying!

That night my girlfriend put me on her insurance on the car and I drove to Merry Hill. Loved it. Apart when the car shot off and I nearly hit a lamp post! The next night went out in the car alone for the first time ever and did about 25 miles. Since then any chance I can get I'm out in the car. Realise everytime I do drive is that I should have done this years ago. The good thing is is that now when I am out of work next I have more options open to me. T.L.M.S

Monday, March 14, 2011

Past the Post Part 2

My second test was on the 25th January. As before nerves kicked in when I was sat in the waiting room. There was a lot riding on me passing the test being out of work, knowing this would help me find a job. Had a good lesson beforehand and ironed out any trouble I might have so I felt confident. Got through my show me tell me and faced the independant driving for the first time. Did that easy enough, had a reverse park and did that superbly. Carried on around the test route, had a bit of a mishap approaching a island by not positioning the car properly but thought I had drove well enough to pass. To be honest I couldn't believe it when he told me I'd failed. 15 minors. Mostly for steering, said I crossed my arms on numerous occasions. I knew that was a lie because I'd never done that before.

Despite the set back I went home and rebooked for Feb 7th with the last money I had. Managed to fit one lesson in before and again my instructor saw no faults in my driving. I decided that he'd sit in with me this time. As before did show me tell me and the independant driving part easily. It was exactly the same route as my last test so I know what roads I was facing and what lay ahead. I had a reverse round the corner this time and did that well. Pulled up at the test centre and my instructor was certain I'd passed. Nope another fail. 1 major and 6 minors. The major was going on the wrong side of the road. When I asked the examiner where this happened he stuttered and struggled to say where. I was gutted again but knowing how close I was to passing I knew I had to carry on.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Past the post Part 1

Wow I didn't think it had been so long since I last updated this! So much has happened since I last wrote so I'm gonna break it down. Not in a rap sense though.

Well first off I started work again and then left that company in October.In leaving I gained a increase in wages so that meant I could start driving lessons again. It had been nearly a year since I failed my last test and since then had not drove a car once. Rather than having the same instructor as last time, I decided to start with a new one and went with the AA. A bit nervous to start with but after 15 mins I felt much better and by the end of that lesson the instructor told me to book my test. Booked it for December 1st. Next lesson came, all went well and the instructor said he'd be in touch as he was on holiday for a week. The next thing I get a phone call from the AA saying he's packed it all in and they need to find me a new instructor for my test in two weeks!

Thankfully they had someone and we arranged to have have 3 90 min lessons before my test. After my first lesson he was surprised that anyone would've put me up for my test but saw enough improvement in one lesson to believe I could do it. We worked hard on my reversing and mirrors as that was the main failures on my first test (2 majors and 20 minors, shameful) and felt they were dealt with, so I felt confident.

Five days before my test I found out I was going to be a father for the second time so went into work that Monday top of the world, took three hours for that to be smashed as was told I was being laid off again Friday. Test day came Wednesday and I was a bag of nerves, with so much riding on this again. Needn't have worried as it was cancelled due to icy roads. Rescheduled for the 21st December I could only get one lesson booked. Then came the snow. Stopped everything. Lesson and test both cancelled and with good reason. So the next date free was the 25th January. Actually I wanted one sooner but is was too soon for my instructor and instead had a lesson. The minute I finished he said I could've just taken my test as I was ready!