Monday, March 21, 2011

Past the post Part 3

And on to my next test. 9th March. Booked a early time as I had to go to work after wards and also so I didn't suffer from nerves as much! This time it was a sunny morning as I started my lesson. My instructor had recently had a new car and I had only one hour in driving the car beforehand. However I felt very confident in it and every control responded with the slightest touch. I practised all three manouvres and did them with no trouble so we made our way over to the test centre. Good job we did as there was bad traffic all the way and we made it with a few minutes to spare. This time when my name was called out I was also introduced to an assessor who would be joining me on my test.

Passed the eyesight test and the show me tell me and was given my first independant driving. I thought I had did it fine until we pulled over and was reminded I'd forgot to turn right! Did another two of these and then drove round for about 20 mins. I had to do a turn in the road for my reversing part, slightly nervous as it was this that I failed my first test on but did it fine. Time to drive back to the centre and even though I hadn't felt like I had drove bad, part of me expected a fail. Called my instructor to the car for my result and was told that I had passed with 3 minors! I almost felt like crying!

That night my girlfriend put me on her insurance on the car and I drove to Merry Hill. Loved it. Apart when the car shot off and I nearly hit a lamp post! The next night went out in the car alone for the first time ever and did about 25 miles. Since then any chance I can get I'm out in the car. Realise everytime I do drive is that I should have done this years ago. The good thing is is that now when I am out of work next I have more options open to me. T.L.M.S

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