Sunday, March 13, 2011

Past the post Part 1

Wow I didn't think it had been so long since I last updated this! So much has happened since I last wrote so I'm gonna break it down. Not in a rap sense though.

Well first off I started work again and then left that company in October.In leaving I gained a increase in wages so that meant I could start driving lessons again. It had been nearly a year since I failed my last test and since then had not drove a car once. Rather than having the same instructor as last time, I decided to start with a new one and went with the AA. A bit nervous to start with but after 15 mins I felt much better and by the end of that lesson the instructor told me to book my test. Booked it for December 1st. Next lesson came, all went well and the instructor said he'd be in touch as he was on holiday for a week. The next thing I get a phone call from the AA saying he's packed it all in and they need to find me a new instructor for my test in two weeks!

Thankfully they had someone and we arranged to have have 3 90 min lessons before my test. After my first lesson he was surprised that anyone would've put me up for my test but saw enough improvement in one lesson to believe I could do it. We worked hard on my reversing and mirrors as that was the main failures on my first test (2 majors and 20 minors, shameful) and felt they were dealt with, so I felt confident.

Five days before my test I found out I was going to be a father for the second time so went into work that Monday top of the world, took three hours for that to be smashed as was told I was being laid off again Friday. Test day came Wednesday and I was a bag of nerves, with so much riding on this again. Needn't have worried as it was cancelled due to icy roads. Rescheduled for the 21st December I could only get one lesson booked. Then came the snow. Stopped everything. Lesson and test both cancelled and with good reason. So the next date free was the 25th January. Actually I wanted one sooner but is was too soon for my instructor and instead had a lesson. The minute I finished he said I could've just taken my test as I was ready!

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