Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's been nearly 3 months since I last drove a car and the urge to do it again is gnawing away at me. I so badly want to get behind the wheel again, probably not in these conditions though! If I had the funds I'd be out there like a shot but fate has conspired against me lately. Never fear I tell myself it will happen soon, how soon is the question. So instead of driving I've filled my life with various activities to occupy myself. Last night I started playing football, first time in years and my legs are still feeling the effect of it! Aching all over but it was enjoyable. However any benefits the exercise had is now lost as I've just come back from a curry and a few beers!! My degree work is going well even if at times I feel I have no idea what I'm doing but it's good to stretch my mind. Someone recently has come into my life and while it is early days it's going well and thats putting a smile on my face. So while the driving is taking a back seat other things are going on, just want to get the complete set now! T.L.M.S

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the up

Things lately have improved in my life. I haven't begun driving lessons again, I really want to, but I have noticed an increasing tendancy to reach out for a brake pedal whenever I am in a car with someone! I managed to learn something there. I'm cracking on with my coursework and have managed to get well in front, so far in fact I've took on another course. Probably will regret it as I don't know a thing about maths but hey, best to try and fail then never try.
The Albion have won four on the trot and regained top spot. If that doesn't make me happy nothing will do. Work wise, I've found myself enjoying the jobs more, even if the money does not reflect the effort. However in my trade it is a benefit to drive, plus we are still in a recession regardless what the government may say. Work is hard to come by and if anything I am grateful to be working. I am a firm believer of you get what you give and believe I will one reap the rewards, however long it may take. T.L.M.S