Monday, July 5, 2010

One week done

It's been a while since I last updated this and a fair bit has happened since last time. Well the main point of this blog was to keep a note of my driving and I haven't had a lesson since I failed back in December. This month it changes again because I hope to restart lessons in a couple of weeks. I have the extra money for it now I have quit smoking! One week done and I never thought that would happen!
Now as I have quit I'm looking at things to replace the habit and decided on fitness. Rode my bike yesterday for the first time. Brought it Jan! I went out on it, broke it and fixed it at cost. But it felt really good to get out there, if I can add that to playing football every week should be fitter soon.
Another change to my life is that my beautiful girlfriend has moved in with me and we plan to marry soon, well as soon as we can afford it. A good reason to get the driving sorted!
As of next season I won't be having a season ticket. First time since 1999. The cost became too much and I had lost interest even though we were winning games. I'm still gonna watch and listen to every match, thanks to the various outlets we are blessed with these days, who knows I might end up returning later in the year. T.L.M.S

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