Thursday, April 8, 2010

A long gap

It's been too long since I last wrote anything. Time has been a cruel mistress as she allows me none! With work picking up, sadly not the wage side, and my studies I haven't had much time for anything. As I started this blog to chart my progress to learn to drive better say where I am with that. Still haven't drove since I failed my test and that is a big disappointment for me. It's not that I don't want to or that I'm scared it's more of a lack of money. Times in this household are still hard and I'm struggling in that sense to make ends meet but hope is on the horizon. Even though I'm still down I'm very happy as I'm in a new relationship and it's going great. Couldn't be happier in fact. If I'd known 14 years ago I'd be with this person now I'd have done something about it then!!
Hopefully Saturday night I will be celebrating the Albion's return to the greed league. I must say it's never boring following them. In fact every season since I got my season ticket in 1999 we have been involved in either play offs, promotion or relegation. plenty of ups and downs. If there is one thing I do miss from the barren years is the atmosphere in the ground. Now it's full of fans who only started turning up when we got promoted the first time and, in my stand at least, the noise levels have died down. It's a shame but thats the way it is. Still have games when it rocks but few and far between and I get the sense most fans are sick of being a yo yo club. Something to talk about on site every day though! T.L.M.S

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